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Sorry guys, maybe I should have given more info as to what my situation is, and what I want to do.

I want to vend at a local farmers market. My plan is to vend Pulled Pork, Chicken, Brisket & Ribs. With some basic sides (Mac & Cheese, Potato Salad, Beans, Etc.).

I want to start real small and work my way up. My plan is to invest in a second Pit Barrel Cooker, and cook the mains at the farmers market. Since I'm starting small, I obviously won't be able to serve all those mains every week. My thought is to make and serve one or two mains per week.

Then, if I did well and made a name for myself, I could look at stepping up my game with a trailer and larger capacity smoker that I could haul to the farmers market every week, and to festivals around the province. Maybe eventually find a more permanent home and make it a full time operation.

The obvious solution would be to prepare the mains at home the day/night before and re-heat at the farmers market, but in my province you are not allowed to cook at home. I would have to use a commissary to prep and make the sides, and cook the mains at the farmers market.

So what I want to know is: Does anyone else operate this way (cooking hot and fast at their farmers market) and if yes, what do you do?

Am I just too pie in the ski?

Any advice is appreciated.
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