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Originally Posted by Bludawg View Post
I occurred to me recently that there are allot of posts screaming for HELP or FAILED COOK. I have noticed this pattern developing in Overnight cook...I went to bed and my fire went out or Pit temp dropped to XXX and I needed this by XXX time. Brothers Stop being lazy & plan your cooks better. ALL the Mechanical Gizmos can't replace the best tool in your Box that hunk of gray matter between your ears.
I still enjoy sitting up at night with a cook Beverage a nice Cigar a good book a little Blues in the background & my dog tending a fire making awesome vittles for the masses. Switching to a good Cup and watching the Dawn of a New Day. It's a religious experience.
If you light the fire stay awake.
I don't stay up like that much anymore unless I need to have something ready for a certain time in the morning I still cook H&F I just get up a little earlier count back 10 hrs from when I need it add 1 more for prep and preheat. It works out just fine and I can nap afterwards. I don't have no gizmos but even the UDS gets a look see once in awhile. More for my peace of mind than any thing else. Planning is 90 % of your cook to get it right.
Old school works the best. Electronics can malfunction but the mushy thing between your ears will always serve you right.

I'm also in the hot and fast fan club.
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