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I am quite the newb to cooking but I have done ribs and 2 trimmed briskets (7lb ers) on my 22.5" weber kettle. I didn't use the charcoal baskets and bought the cooking grate that has the two hinges sides. I bought the weber disposable drip pans (smaller ones) and used two them filled with water over the coals (helps to bend in the corners so they conform to the grill a little better. I left the top vent 100% open and found that after about 45 minutes to let the temp die down I was able to maintain 225-235 degress with the bottom vent open 1/16" to 1/8", I was surprised at how little the vent was open. I also have the maverick digital temperature gauge and once the temp would keep dropping after opening the vent a little I would fire up the chimney and use tongs to throw in some more hot coals. I believe for each brisket, around 10 hours, I added coals once the first time and twice the second.
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