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Default Temp control for weber charcoal grill

Hi all
I'm brand new here. I have been looking around the site for temp control for a 22 inch Weber grill. I haven't found it. I hope that you don't mind this question. Please point me in the right direction if this has been asked hundreds of times before.

I use the Raichlen method for indirect cooking. I have the two side baskets that I fill with hot coals and soaked wood. I use the top and bottom vents to try to control the temp. I just bought the wireless Maverick thermometer (but haven't used it yet).

My question:

How should I be adding new coals? Should they be lit or unlit. My current charcoal of choice is Royal Lump.

At what temp should I add the new fuel? Raichlen says every hour but that seems to me to produce too hot a cooking temp (I have been using a magnetic thermometer on the outside of the weber.

Hope you don't mind the extremem newbie questions.


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