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Originally Posted by nthole View Post
I find it interesting they won't warranty their product if sold by a particular club. Did the club 'fake' the product? It's your product, if you don't want it at Sam's don't allow it to be there. So what, they are dumping excess product at Sam's but refusing to warranty it? Seems shady. And I know all the egg-heads love their eggs, but when was the last time Weber asked someone, hey where'd ya buy that weber?
I agree whole heartedly. BGE considers anything bought from other venues as a "used" product regardless if it has ever had a fire built in it or not. Pretty silly if you ask me. They can't stand it that they can't control what the discount clubs, etc charge for the product. For me, I just don't spend my money with companies such as this, no matter how great their products are. But that is just me.

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