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Originally Posted by mikeleonard81 View Post
I've heard of spoons. Seen it on a few shows. Thanks to all that replied! Speed shop it is. Nice to meet you Vinny! I'll let you know how it was. Thanks to all again.

Mike - I went back to Mac's Speed Shop tonight for dinner with my wife and daughter... It was itching at me to give this place a second look.

In the end, I'd rate this a 6 and consider it average at best (from a BBQ perspective. I got the 4 meat sampler which I chose spare rib, brisket, pulled pork and texas BBQ sausage.

Brisket was a large chunk of about 1.5" thick x 8" or so long. It was not tender and had grill marks from the re-heat. Not enjoyable

Pulled pork was moist and vinegary but this was clearly from sitting in a reheat container. It was all brown, no hint of smoke. Only thing redeeming was a nice vinegar sauce.

Texas BBQ sausage was an all beef sausage. Not bad, but not the sausages that I ate on BBQ trips to Texas. A lot drier but somewhat flavorful.

St. Louis Spare - a bit tough but flavorful. Not really any smoke flavor but had smoke ring present in meat.

This is for a Saturday dinner service which should be their freshest.

Aside from the BBQ it's a cool -place in that there are a hot of Harley bike patrons, lots of TV's to see games and there were a few cute waitresses (others far from cute).

I think it's a cool place to watch a game, have a beer, wings etc and only eat the BBQ if you're not passionate about BBQ...

Truthfully, I'd save the trip and $ and go elsewhere.
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