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Originally Posted by Nuco59 View Post
Ok, first post- be gentle with me. I have been from one end of this thread to the other and I have a question. There seems to be a general consensus that it's hard to have too much exhaust using 8 holes or standard 2" bungs. But you have folk hammering, adjusting, clamping and using oven proof gasket to seal the lid.

I made my drum(s) both with flat lids- one fits so tightly I have to use a chunk of 2x4 to loosen it- does not show any smoke from around the edges. The other has wispies of smoke from the edges but is really easy to take on and off. They both seem to cook equally well- and I don't have issues holding temps.

Am I missing something about the need /benefit of having a super well fitting lid?

thanks all.
I've thought the same thing. Unless your temp is hard to control, who cares if it doesn't fit *just* right.
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