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So I have been playing with building an effiecent fire to get the elusive thin blue smoke but have not gotten the results I have been hoping for. I have been using oak and maple which tests out at 10-15% moisture and there always seems to be white smoke until it gets burnt down to the coals. I have tried starting the fire with wood only and also with a chimmeny of lit lump and I can not get thin blue smoke unless I use only some hickory logs that I bought at the store that have been kiln dried to 6-7% moisture. I am trying to maintain a 225-250 degree fire which I have been able to do but I just need to get a clean fire. Any tips of help would be great.
After reading all the posts, the only thing that I see that hasn't been addressed yet is airflow. If you're building the fire too big and having to choke down on the intake damper too much you will get dirty smoke. Try keeping your exhaust damper wide open and then controlling the heat with only the intake damper. If your intake damper is 1/3 to 1/2 open and the temperature is getting too high, your fire is too big.
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