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Originally Posted by BigBellyBBQ View Post
You have to think also about how much time it takes to:
1)purchase your food
2) prep your food
3)cook your food, wood, tins, cooker repairs
4)clean up costs, time-cleaners,soaps,towels, water
5)fuel to get to event
6)insurance cost
7)sales tax from the 5 bucks or is it plus tax?
incidental break downs, a blown trailer tire will cost you 175
(9) and every other thing that costs!!!!

5 bucks a sammie is toooo have alot more into than 1.05

Missed in the above list (which has indirect costs and ****-happens costs) are actual direct costs:
1. Rubs. They can add a few cents or more to every sammy.
2. Injections.
3. Foil?
4. Fuel (for the smoker). I dont know about you, but my Lang likes to EAT.
5. Ice. (I dont know about you, but I put my butts on ice when transporting them)

Is it served on a plate? In a wrapping of some kind? More $$$. El-cheapo utensils? More $$$.

I ran some numbers for my wife a few months ago when she wanted to volunteer to do this as a fund raiser for the booster club. I showed her that they'd have to sell these for $7 each just to make a little money, and I mean it was a little for a LOT of effort and work.

I'll see if I cant find it.
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