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somebody shut me the fark up.
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There are tricks to staying awake. I learned almost all of them in the army. We called it the drone zone. I can do it when I have to.

The truth of the matter is that if you find yourself needing those tricks, you/I have made a bad decision. I'm not in combat, and lives don't depend on my performing a task. If I need the sleep then I need to pull over somewhere.

Several years ago I made a trip with a buddy that is a horse trainer to Kentucky to pick up a colt he bought. We pulled a trailer both ways, and were planning on a 48 hour trip. We probably would have been fine, if there hadn't been a problem with some of the paperwork. We weren't leaving until that was resolved. We pulled over in Texarkana on the way back and slept in the trailer, after we both went to sleep and nearly drifted into the median! We took a 6 horse gooseneck, instead of borrowing a smaller trailer which made it even more exciting when we woke up.

We just didn't plan right. We'd both had long weeks leading up to that trip and should have thought about that. A couple weeks later we might have been able to do it with no problem.

Getting that horse home a little later made no difference. Not getting home would have. Sometimes we have to spend time, to gain time.

Big lesson learned.
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