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Default Competition-cook-off, Catering pit pictures NEEDED

Im building a 12x76 trailer mounted pit and I would like to see what your set-up looks like. What you like and dis-like about yours and what you wish you had. Im trying to keep the weight down but have the full function of the bigger trailers. Right know we haul 2 trucks full of stuff to cook-offs and its just ridiculous.
I have a few questions for the guys/gals with enclosed trailers or trailers with roofs on theirs.
I am putting a water system on mine and I would like to talk to the people that have them and see how much water you usually use.
When I do my prep on Briskets and Ribs at the house I keep to one counter so I am designating the front of the trailer for this along with having my sink in the corner. There will be a double burner propane set-up mounter for beans,chili,whatever and we are using a 250g propane tank as our cooker

Im basically looking for pictures of your set-ups so I can get a better idea of lay-outs/size requirements.I like to have it very functional so I figured I would ask the guys that have them.

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