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Default Update - Thanks Dan (aka superdan)

I got me one, it is really cool and works great. The workmanship is really outstanding and it is built like a brick chithouse! Here are some pics in action. First few pics are just sitting on some left over charcoal from the other night.

Dump doors closed

Dump doors open

Loaded up the left over charcoal and added some new, fired it off with some newspaper.

This is subjective, but I think it lights the charcoal in about 1/2 the time of the standard Weber chimney and the bottom dump door works great.

Edit: Just a note to address some of the questions on Ron_L's original post. It has plenty of draft, no need for any more holes. While the chimney did get super hot (used Stubbs charcoal) the handle and trigger were cool to the touch - no gloves. The door trip mechanism looks pretty bullet proof to me.
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