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This is REALLY important.. and your are so right.

Last year I made a stupid mistake and I put my family at risk becase of stupididty and cloudy thinking. After a competition I had a 6 hour drive home. We left at 6pm, still daylight, i was still "ok", but 3 hours into the drive, I find myself at that "how did I get here".. seems a lot of mileage was traveled and I was not aware of. Highway Hypnosis.

After the second, unplanned lane change i should have piulled over. Sharon was with me, she likely could have drove but she is "afraid" pulling the trailer. Well... her "afraid" is alot safer than me sleeping. i was fighting to stay awake. Stupid move in hindsight, but at the time it was the only option.. NOT!..

Now, either the family stays home, and i sleep onsite or other arrangments have to be made. The first is to let sharon drive with the trailer so she gets comfortable with it.
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