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Default Just how do you guys do it?

Greetings fellow brethren! I've been lurking these forums for years now, and I have learned a lot, and BBQ is slowly becoming my passion in life, and like many of you I'm wondering "Can I somehow turn this hobby into something more?"

I am a Branch Manager for a Fortune 500 truck rental business, and the longer I work making big bux in corporate America, the more I think to myself that I would likely be a lot happier making less money doing something that I love.

So lately I've been giving some thought at putting pen to paper and working on a business plan to vend some BBQ. I'd start small, weekends at the local farmers market at first, then if that worked out try some festivals, and then eventually work my way up to a trailer, etc.

I have no doubt that I have the skill set to start slow and build a profitable business, the only thing I can not wrap my head around is how do you guys manage the your cook times?

By that I mean, my local farmers market follows my provinces HD regulations, and all food would have to prepped at a commissary (I can handle that, local church has a commercial kitchen we can rent), so I would trim my meats, and prep my sides at the commissary (heck, might not even bother with any sides right away, may just stick to sandwiches). I would then cook my meats at the farmers market.

This leads me to my problem. Set up begins at 8:00am, and we are not allowed to set up before then. Does anyone else have to operate under similar circumstances? And if so, how do you manage to have food ready to be served by 11:00 - 12:00?
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