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Got rid of the matchlight.
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Originally Posted by Smokin the good stuff View Post
I didn't really see the smoke but didn't try to look very close. It did smell really good so I guess all was well.
My plan was to let the brisket get to 170 degrees and then wrap it in foil and let it get up to 190, unwrap it and check it with the probe to see if it was tender and let it keep cooking if not. Unfortunately it cooked faster than I expected while the wife and I went out to dinner and by the time I got to it the temp had reached 210! It is still good but definitely over cooked....oh well....just have to try it again! Thanks for the help.
I'm a beginner with a Napolean Apollo (same as your WSM).

You have more guts then me to walk away from your smoker and go have dinner! I'm way too paranoid, and want to keep an eye on it!

You'll get it next time!
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