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Originally Posted by oldbill View Post
Yeah, if you went to a chain "restaurant" there probably wasn't an actual pit master on their payroll! Places like Rudy's or Dickey's are cookie cutter franchises and prepare their food in a very mechanized way. Probably all that you were given was fat cap that had been trimmed off by an "employee" who didn't even know what a burnt end was! That's the difference between a BBQ "restaurant" and a BBQ "joint" Find a good Ma and Pop Q joint and I'll bet you'll have a different burnt end experience, and better Q to boot!

That is exactly what they gave me. There was no meat in the crap they gave me. Just char and fat. I gave it to my dog to chow down on. He wasn't complaining .

Normally I would Q myself, but I just didn't have time this weekend . Oh well lesson learned.

At least my beer was good and cold.
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