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Originally Posted by IamMadMan View Post
Too much wood can give you a bitter taste if the wood smolders white smoke.
Qczar, re-read what IAmMadMan said (it's quite true)...

That's why, when cooking with wood, most folks either burn the wood to coals and then add to the cooker, or they use a small hot fire with all the oxygen it wants.

So, think about how these Gurus and Stokers work; if the temp drops, they blow a enough air (oxygen) to stoke the fire and bring the temp back. Unfortunately, that also means that, when the fan isn't blowing, the fire is just smoldering. If there's non-carbonized wood (not charcoal -- just plain old wood) in there, then that wood is smoldering white smoke.

In general, this is not a good thing. The only smoker I can think of that this really works ok in is a Stumps, because that white smoke has to travel back through the hot coals (burning off the nasties) before it reaches the cook chamber.

Anyway, the reason I'm doing all this thinking out loud...
I never thought about this when I had a Smokin Tex (so I don't know -- just an idea), what if you used a couple of pieces of lump charcoal in there instead of wood?

Just a thought.
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