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Default Semi H &F Brisket - A little pron

Happy Tuesday, Brethren!

I wasn't planning to do any smoking this weekend (When it's in the high 90s to low 100s in Southern California, all I want to do is crank the AC up and watch the James Bond Marathon) , but a chance stop at Smart and Final changed that.

I was minding my own business when a 7lb. Packer called my name. It said, "dude! I'm like 2.30 a pound! Take me home!"

Then some spareribs whispered, "We're cheaper! We're 1.67 a lb! It says previously frozen, but we aren't!"

What's a man to do?

So I used some guava garlic salt that I ran through a spice grinder.

Rubbed the brisket and stuck it in the cooler overnight.

On the spares I used a mustard layer to hold my go-to rub (South Seas) on.

*I* wanted to do low and slow but the uds wanted to run at 275 no matter what I did.

So I had to wing it. I figured I would go 4 hrs and check the flat, and go from there.

I hadn't done ribs at that temp, but after reading some posts, I went with a 2-2 smoke.

After 4 hours, the brisket was stalled at 168. So I let it go another 90 minutes.

Now the flat was 190.

I painted it (Patio Daddio style) and put it back on for 30. Then I flipped it, painted it, and let it ride til flat was 200.

I pulled it, foiled it, and rested for 30 min.

You can see that while I have a nice ring, the center looks a little dry. I had no complaints from the fam, so all is well.

Ribs were fotb tender after 2 and 2, so I pulled them and sauced them.
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