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Originally Posted by N8man View Post
I post this question in earnest, in the hopes of beginning a civil discussion
on the subject of Barrel Burning.....This is something I have pondered on a while..
Riddle me this, if a food grade barrel that has the methyl-ethyl-poly-bad-stuff liner, or not, in it, gets burned out completely to bare nekkid metal and is thought to be safe to BBQ with, why then is the run of the mill barrel, that contained stuffs without a liner be considered an unwise choice if it also is burned out in the same fashion???....
And I'm talking the reddish-white, glowing metal kinda burn........

The label says food grade and keeps the wife happy?

Honestly I'd feel safer with a bare steel drum that had some sort of oil or antifreeze in it than something that used to have some plastic or epoxy liner sealed to the surface.

Steel is steel for the most part. Tupperware is food safe, but not with a fire in it. Context is key.

WOO! I can't claim to have read every word but I did read the first 5k posts and have put my eyeballs on every page since. Learned a lot, Starting the parts hunt tomorrow.
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