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Default End of Summer/Bday Cookout w/ Lots and Lots of Pron

Saturday was my 36th bday and I figured why not have a big cookout for friends to come over and celebrate it and the end of summer.

This is what I started with. 5 pork butts (7-9lbs each), 2 briskets (15.5lbs each), 7 racks of spare ribs, 10lbs of thighs and drumsticks. (chicken not pictured)

Friday night had a meat trimming party and got the briskets and pork butts into the UDS. Rubs I used were the Adam Perry Lang rub for pork shoulders and then 50/50 S&P on the brisket, APL's chicken rub, and Simply Marvelous Cherry Rub on the ribs.

Getting the UDS with cherry and pecan wood and Cowboy Lump. I brought it up to 325 degrees as I knew the temperature would drop like a rock in water with the amount of meet I was putting into it. It settled in at 225 and cooked from 10 at night to 1 in the afternoon.

In the morning I pulled the brisket and the pork butts off as they finished and wrapped in foil. I put the pork butts in a cooler and briskets in the oven. Then moved my operation off the deck onto the small patio I have. It was an impressive sight to almost all my guests and they asked if I had a grilling problem. Chicken was done in the mini.

Loaded up the UDS with a majority of the St. Louis trimmed ribs and rib tips and the Performers with rib tips as well. I didn't use the inner rack on the ribs because I didn't want to fuss with it while guests were here, or get my non bbq shirt stained.

Pictures of the final product of pulled pork, brisket, and ribs. My friends who I assigned to take pictures were busy stuffing their faces as I was taking the chicken off the smoker and putting it on the table.

Friend made a dericious Leche Flan cake for my bday that I had to share a picture of because it was so farking good.

Party was a huge hit and had a ton of food leftover. So in the morning I split this with my sister and her friend before we went to the beach. Corncake w/ mac and cheese inside of it, mac and cheese and pulled pork on top w/ hot sauce over that.
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