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Originally Posted by jonboy View Post
How was the home made sweet and spicy scotch bonnet sauce:0
This was made 2 and a half months ago. I have done this 5 or six times now. This last time I did 5 different sauces at the same time. I got red scotch bonnets and orange habaneros. To tame some of the sauces down abit I used high end sweet long peppers....all orange as I recall. I remove the pith and seeds from the peppers and mince them finely. Keeping the peppers separated in different pans I fry them off till soft in a little water and white wine vinegar....about 10-15 minutes. I let the peppers cool for about half and hour then pop them in the small cuisinart in differnt combinations adding in more of the wine vinegar to thin it out. The various sauces I made last time were 1 each of the bonnet and habanero without sweet peppers but with a little honey and white sugar. Then I made a dark maple syrup orange habanero and sweet pepper blend that is tasty. Then I used the scotch bonnets combined with different amounts of sweet peppers to make 2 more blends. When I add in the sweet peppers I typically use 20-40% in the blend. Never add in anything with sugar before the cuisinart stage as it will darken and ruin the colour of the sauce and also I do not add spices for the same reason. I get nice richly coloured sauces.

EDIT: Always use plastic gloves when handling real hot peppers.....always.
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