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Default My Georgia themed UDS

Here is a buildup of the UDS I built for the UGA/Clemson game Saturday. All ideas save a couple where directly inspired by y'all. The only changes made by me were the piece of expanded metal over the fire basket (to catch the juice rain and vaporize it) and the lid, which I made out of the top of another drum ( since buying a Weber lid requires an an act of congress). This thing is sick! I did a 9 hour burn @ 190 and only used 1/4 of the charcoal I had in the basket! Thanks for the tips y'all!......well, it's telling me I need some kind of security token to upload the photos. That sucks, cuz I really wanted y'all to see it. It's a beauty...I guess I enjoyed my short stay here, if you can't post pics it kinda defeats the purpose. I guess I'll post this, then I'm out. Y'all have fun!
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