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Default Lone Star grillz Vertical Offset (Pics & Review)

Well I've got my new pit and I thought that I would share some photos of her as well as my experience with her performance. Lone Star Grillz is a small business in Conroe TX and they build a really nice pit for a pretty reasonable price. From trailer pits to patio pits, insulated smokers to charcoal grills and fire pits, they can make just about anything that you want and in any style that you prefer. I always liked the design of the old NB Bandera and I decided to have a vertical offset built by LSG that would give me the versatility that the Bandera offered but with the quality and craftsmanship of a good pit builder and here she is! I've done a few cooks so far and I couldn't be more pleased. The pit is all 1/4 " construction with a 1/2 " firebox and all of that thermal mass equates to excellent temp control, while hardly using any more fuel than my old NB Black Diamond. It's kinda like going from a Ford Pinto to a Lexus! LOL! The heat deflector and tuning plates allow very even temps from left to right while also offering the option of creating a cooler spot if I wish by simply adjusting the tuning plates. This pit has nearly 6000 sq. inches of cooking area between the main chamber, the warmer/oven and the grill top. While I was smoking at 250 in the main chamber last week the oven was holding at about 350 with the pinwheel dampers half open, so that tells me that I could probably get 400 to 450 in there pretty easily and be able to bake cornbread or simmer sauce while never interrupting the main cook! I converted it to a mini vertical smoker the other day and smoked some chicken, which I also reverse seared by removing the handled steel plate inside and exposing the grill top. I'm looking forward to many experiments with my new toy and posting some pron in the future. So here are some pics.. Sorry about the lighting, they turned out a little dark.
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