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Got Wood.
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Originally Posted by williamj View Post
Looks good....why the wood on the grate?
Some folks run it on with the kettle indirect method, some mix it in, some put it in foil. Just trying different things. Didn't catch fire like it did in my GOSM but definitely smoked.

Here's it is post smoking pic.

Regarding the location-I rolled it over from it's starting point and the bottom far side still had some bacon that my wife wouldn't have liked so I tossed it on the heat to sizzle it some to her liking. Next time I'll roll it around some or do indirect on both sides.

It's wrapped and on the cutting board for now since the wife is still asleep. The temps were a bit higher than I had wanted around 180 before pulling but I think it will turn out alright.
Having as much fun learning/reading techniques as I do cooking using them.
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