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Default Competetion Travel Safety

Forgive me a bit--but this got me to thinking.

Over on the Basso forum they are talking about the situation with Eric Miltz of CowboyUp BBQ.
As I understand it, he was en route home from a competition, dozed off, crossed into on-coming traffic and suffered an accident with major personal injuries. Others were injured also.

I have no crystal ball into what happened there and do not claim one!!!!

But, Dave and I have trapped ourselves into extensive travel after a long event and it turned really scary for us, to say the least
Won't bore you with details, but we were damn lucky to get home alive with only minor damage to his trailer, no injuries, and no tickets

We have since enforced a rule that we just stay on-site overnight if we can not travel home safely at the end of the event!
That makes it more complicated for us. But, the "Sebring Going Home" debacle got our attention.
This is more of a problem for us than most of you. We deal with HUGE distances for any event we do. We start with 301 miles just between our homes

Anyway--and not drawing speculation from Eric's situation--"up all night", lots of good times, some libations, lots of caffine, lots of sun and fun. = "rest up" if needed!!!!!!
We have all been there!

Anyway--STAY SAFE!!!!!


ps--I am going to help out the CowboyUp family shortly--but that is a personal matter. A fellow competitor in need is enough for me.
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