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Originally Posted by nucornhusker View Post
I didn't mention pellet usage!

I can get about 25lbs of pellets in the hopper (I used Lumberjack MHC), I had the controller set a 255* over night to achieve a grate temp of 225*. As the day came around a warmed up, I could set it back down to about 235*. I lit the pit at 9PM the night before, loaded the big cuts at 10:30, pulled the briskets around 1PM and put the finger foods on and kicked the controller up to 265* and ran it there until 4 PM (the fatties were very stubborn). I used a whole hopper plus about 2 more lbs. So this is not exact, but we will say 27lbs over 19 hours, so about 1.4lbs per hour and some of that was at a higher temp. So the pellet usage is pretty good for a cooker this big.

I've never cooked on a BW, but I would guess it's more efficient though.
So at 27 lbs of pellets, what does that cost you for a big cook like this?
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