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Found some matches.
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Originally Posted by R8ter87 View Post
I light my UDS today for the first time.

I loaded up the charcoal basket with Kingsford charcoal and added 15 light briquettes to the top on the basket.

It is defiantly smoking but is taking a while to reach the 220-250 range.

Any tips on lighting a UDS?

How does everyone else light theirs and what is the estimated time to get into the smoking range?
Mine took about 10 minutes to get to 250. I did the same charcoal in the basket, lit a chimney about half full till white and poured on top. When I set the basket in the drum and put the lid on I leave the 3/4 valve fully open and all 3 3/4 caps off till my temp hit 225. At that point I install the 3 caps and back off on the valve to halfway and then go from there. I had to play with it a couple of times then it was set.
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