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Default First Post and First Brisket

I've lurked around these forums for a little over a year and have learned so many valuable tips from everyone! I figured today would be a great day to do my first post and how fitting that it is my first brisket.

I bought a 6.25lb brisket flat from Costco, rubbed it up and threw it on the Weber. Not sure what my issue was this morning but it took a about an hour and a half to get the temp dialed in! Maybe it was the anticipation of the cook, but it's humming along right now at a rock solid 250.

I am worried about it being dry as I hear the packer is the way to go however there are plenty of posts regarding the flat working out for the truly gifted BBQ'er. If it's edible I will view this as a success

Anyway, here are the starter pics. More to come.

OK, Now I have proper image attachments:

The Rubdown:

Right onto the grill:

Now we have been humming a long for while. Just hit about 170. Notice the small bit I took off the side? I had to taste test! Has a nice ring already. I am debating whether to wrap it at 180 or leave it naked. I am loving that jus bubbling to the top. That's totally going in the beans.

Any tips on foiling it or not?

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