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somebody shut me the fark up.

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TV Show have to get your interest for it to be a success...

The comments about cooking times are something that will catch the viewer's attention and hopefully peak their interest in the show. People will follow in hopes of getting an answer.

By the comments posted here, they have done their job catching interests...

Lastly good BBQ takes time and work, it isn't easy but it can be enjoyable. If it were easy, everybody would be doing good BBQ and these restaurants would soon cease to exist. If they have found a successful method of creating great BBQ food, one could hardly expect them to reveal their recipes and methods, especially on national TV.

Simply put they send you on an easter egg hunt for something that doesn't exist, so you keep returning trying to find another tidbit of a clue. If you had people lining up at your door to get a taste of your great BBQ making you wealthy and very popular, how willing would you be to tell everyone how to exactly replicate your food. Maybe they all wouldn't try it, but someone would try to replicate and take some business away from you..

Just my opinion here..
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