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Default Head slap moment on 1st UDS cook...

Thought you all might find this funny...

So I'm a few hours into my new UDS' maiden voyage: four 6-8 lb pork butts. Starting out, I get the basket rockin', get up to temp and throw the butts on. After a little while, panic... Can't get the dang thing back up to temp! I open all the intakes, still sitting at 125. Take the lid completely off and fan it, not much movement. WTF? I wait, thinking maybe it'll be a gradual climb, but I can't seem to get above 150, no matter what I do! 45 minutes in, a big old stupid lightbulb goes off in my head. I take the lid off and look down. The side of one of the butts is sitting on the probe for the pit thermometer. Cue the wah wah wah trumpet noise.

It's cruising now, steady 240 and all is well, but I figured some of you seasoned vets would get a kick out of this noob mistake.

Cracking another beer and soaking in some pork smoke now, anticipating the feast to come tomorrow. Cheers, all.
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