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Default Cows suck. Continual beef fails.

Pork i can do, whole shoulders, Boston's/picnics, bellies, spares into St. Louis style and cook them good too. Beef on the other hand is my weak point.

Beef ribs last two times were extremely chewy and my sauce you couldn't taste over the beef flavor. Today i tried my first ever brisket. A beautiful 14lbs Prime packer with a thick flat. Rubbed her down with bovine bold and stuck her on the wsm at 275 around 9am. Waited till about 3Pm and started to probe, not butter yet. Kept waiting and proving every hour or so. The point is done very soft, just gotta wait on flat, another hour and still a 3" strip not butter soft. I finally pulled it off at 6pm. 9 hours at 275. Never wrapped and let it sit foiled until a few minutes ago, prepare to slice against the grain and....smoosh flattened down, couldn't do anything with it. The bark was so dried out and hard I couldn't cut it and it smushed my brisket, all i could do is makes pulled brisket that has no flavor. Very mad at this cook. Guess ill try again after a pork cook.
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