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I started with a Masterbuilt Electric about 5 yrs ago - still got it but its more of a holding cabinet/ food warmer now LOL - it gets the occasional fish or chicken breasts but that's about it. I also use UDS now and a funky one off homemade job I found cheap on Craigslist - kinda of a UDS with offset burn box. Charcoal and Wood cooked is best for my Taste Buds :mrgreen:

You should be fine cutting brisket in half and freezing half - but 6lbs is pretty small to start.
You shouldnt get any Char in Electric unless you really over cook it - Char and Bark are different and Bark is hard to get in Electric Also (atleast for me it was)- Rubs with more Sugar content produce more or heavier bark.
I like several Store bought rubs but Alot of guys on here prefer Salt/pepper/Garlic simple homemade rub for beef as mentioned above. A few good Masterbuilt Electric cook videos on YouTube - Good Luck and post results and Pics. :wink:
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