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Originally Posted by muidaq View Post
I've been on the lookout for a BBQ cart when I came across a thread on the Primo forum about a $100 stainless cart from Sam's club people were using to hold their Oval XLs. Well the price has increased to $115, but it's still a steal. A few jigsaw blades, a half dozen Dremel cutting wheels, and some L brackets later, viola.

The hole is 22.5" but there is lower structure that prevents the handles from sitting on the tabletop, which was the original plan, but that's ok by me. Now the only direct heat transfer from the kettle to the table is through the support brackets.

The mini WSM fitting on the bottom was just icing on the cake. It's a tight fit, but I can lower the bottom shelf another 1.5".
I just picked up this table to make a similar cart. Have you had any heat issues? I too will keep space between the kettle and the table.
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