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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Originally Posted by DownHomeQue View Post
Pic of said offset would be nice! lol
don't have too many pics of the smoker straight on. this one was from the side, early on my offset career...before i understood enough about tending the a hot smaller fire, then controlling a big fire. still shows a lot of the leaking around the cooking chamber. i did try red rtv - but the gap is quite big and couldn't get it to work. if the leak is that bad, and you all would agree that it would effect my cooking experience, i will look into a different way to seal it up.

tons of good information guys! i found a reseller of barrels not to far from my location, and am looking on craigslist for weber parts.

i think you gave me the information i was looking for. i got the holiday weekend to think about my choices and read any more suggestions you all may have!

thanks again guys!

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