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Originally Posted by gregmhtd View Post
I did come across some great reviews on the Pitmaker safe/vault. Looks impressive and completely opposite of the direction I was looking. At less than half the cost of the MM and 300 miles for pick up has peaked my interest.
Dan any thoughts on insulated verticals compared to the MM?
With either pit, I'll have to learn the lumps and chunks way.
Unfortunately I can't speak for a Pitmaker. When I was researching smokers, I looked heavily into them and read some conflicting reviews that scared me off. Are they the most bad-a** looking verticle cooker? Yes. But I personally felt the Backwoods had more of a reputation that I was looking for. 2K was not something I wanted to gamble with in that I might like it. I borrowed a Backwoods from a friend for a weekend to verify it was the correct purchase and loved it. My Backwoods is a stellar cooker. Extremely efficient and reliable. It cooks at 1 temperature though...with a 10 degree variance from top to bottom. Get the extra runners and racks and you can easily get food for 30 people. You need to determine how to move a pitmaker if you chose to go that route. No matter what, it's a large investment and see if you could see your purchase up close. If you could borrow one or even find someone that does and ask to hang out for the day so they can show you...but make sure to bring beer as a thank you gift.
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