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Originally Posted by CarlBQ View Post
Hey Guys,

I'm preparing for my drum burnout this weekend and had a question about using an old pallet:
Do you guys take out the nails and such, or just go ahead and burn it all and just clean up afterwards?
Also, what's the best way to get the fire going in the drum? I haven't done much camp fires, so I'm not really familiar with starting a fire outside of a chimney starter

Thanks for the help,
For my burn out, I just cut the pallets up a bit, threw them in and hit them with my weed burner to get them started. I didn't worry about the nails at all.

There are a million ways to start your fire. I imagine if you put a bunch of wadded up news paper in with your pallets then dump some coals from your chimney in there, I bet it would fire up pretty quickly. Assuming your wood is dry, the pallets will burn easily.

Also, make sure you've got your holes drilled in the bottom of your drum for your air inlets so that the fire can breathe. Otherwise, it will never get enough air to burn hot enough to do the job you need it to do.
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