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Originally Posted by Pasmadj View Post
Hello. I am only up to about page 100, so I apologize if this has been covered and re-covered too much.

I know (from reading this thread) that galvanized parts should not be used inside a UDS unless the galvanized coating is removed chemically or by super-heating.

I have chosen to just avoid using galvanized parts altogether since I don't have a weed-burner, a torch, or the required acid.

I used conduit nuts on the inlet nipples. The package said "Steel". Am I right to assume (now), that they are galvanized steel?

Should I be concerned about the 3 conduit nuts that are way down inside my UDS?

Thanks for any help.
No don't worry about the conduit nuts. I also have some galvanized washers and it's a non issue.
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