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Default Scenario #2

Yesterdays chilli was fantastic, but it didn't all get eaten. You covered it nicely and stored it in the fridge.
10:30 am
You pull it back out today and toss about a gallon in the microwave.
You figure 15 minutes ought to be good and turn it on.
The phone rings and Phil wants to discuss the bash. You finally end the conversation laughing about ma na ma nah and hang up because your son is yelling something in the back yard.
The kid was lazy and didn't pick up the garden hose, and ran it over with the lawn mower.
You get things all straightened out and head to the kitchen for a brew.
You suddenly realize the chilli has been sitting in the microwave all this time.

Question: What do you do with it?
__________________________________________________ ____________________________

Assuming ,That the chilli was immediately and properly cooled before the reheating, the answer would be to go ahead with the reheating process since you are still in the two hour reheating time frame.

But Chris brings up a very important point.
If this chilli sat out on the stove for a hour or so before chilling, I would think this counts as time in the danger zone. Therefore if you only have two hours to bring this leftover to 165* I think you may have to deduct the sit out time from your reheat time.
Then again how much cooler would the chilli be if you had put it immediately into the fridge?

I think this one needs further looking at.


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