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Got rid of the matchlight.
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Originally Posted by toadhunter911 View Post
OK, I'll be the guy to throw cold water on the whole thing. If all you want is to "break even", and cook for your friends, then learn to say no. Cook only what you can, when you can. Believe me, cooking BBQ for profit is NOT an easy business to succeed in. You have to be driven, and good at it. And even then there's no guarantees. Cook for fun, cover your expenses, and avoid the heartache.

That said, if I misread the tone of your post and you really want to do this right, good luck. Get an attorney, contact your local HD, take a serv-safe class, and go for it with everything you got!
I think partly what you are reading into is my way of thinking. I set expectations low, then see how far I can exceed them. For me personally it helps fight the lows and self doubt that can sometimes creep in during the less than easy times. If I can pay my expenses I will be satisfied, If I can do well enough to go all out, quit my job, work 80 hours some weeks and spend days away from my family at a time. I already do that for a living, just without the grill. Work for myself and make tasty meat, what could be better?

The other part is this is what my 3rd-4th post in a new forum? I'm choosing my words carefully because I'm the new guy and I don't want to accidentally insult someone right out of the gate.

I'll wait till I get to know you all a bit better before I start intentionally insulting you.

Oh I was talking with the owner of our business yesterday. Picking his brain about the L.L.C. and getting some feedback on my idea. He informed me that the company will be getting a large trailer mounted smoker in a few weeks. I am free to use it and the company van. Talk about stupid luck. I know nothing about the smoker yet. I think one of our clients built it. So it could be interesting.
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