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Originally Posted by LTG View Post
You are in Texas and you want a Peoria? Have you seen both up close? Most PCC users I have seen use a lump base with splits or chunks for the smoke and run a guru.

What is your intended usage? Backyard for a few friends, comp use. cooking for 100 people?

I haven't seen any of the cookers I've considered up close. Intended use is mostly backyard, prob never cook for more than 30 people (on rare occasions). I know the monster is overkill on cooking capacity for my immediate needs, but still, I am very impressed with all the thought and engineering that has gone into building it. From the bearings, clean up, double insulation, mid evil dungeon looking torture crank thing is cool (on the OF) (prob be Kings of Thrones next season), these guys did their homework.
A Trailer option is desired, I have a cabin a few hours from my house that would be great to bring the cooker to.
It seems that most people end up ordering cookers close to their area to save on freight costs, but was wondering if most folks in a given area are just used to the taste of local smokers and thats how most of them are sold? Being in Texas, we cook mostly with Oak and Hickory, we know what the product is going to taste like, and it mostly come from smokers around Texas. What would it be like if we cooked the same way using a smoker from a different region? Sorry about being long winded but I guess is what I'm trying to convey is I don't want find out after spending $7 to $10K that a smoker might not cook food to my regional style...wood and wood.
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