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Originally Posted by ramman999 View Post
First off, I enjoy reading the forums here and after lurking a bit decided to join - very new to all of this, but enjoy it and trying to improve with every cook.. I tried to use a search before I posted this but could not find anything.

I had two very different results following one of the Chris Lilly recipes for rub and injection on the first 2 butts I've smoked which baffles me - first one came out great, next one was very salty tasting.

Followed the measurements exactly with a few changes both times:

1. added a little rub to the injection mix
2. Added Mustard Seed to rub
3. Used Hungarian Paprika for rub
4. rubbed the butt with worcestershire sauce prior to using mustard for rub application

Both cooked same way, both pulled great..

I've read some places about cutting back the salt on the Lilly recipe because of saltiness, but since I didn't have bad results on the first go round I didn't think it was that - maybe quality of meat? First one was Publix, second was Walmart.

I'm baffled but determined to figure out what needs to change - any thoughts or ideas?
First Welcome to the forum Newbie....

Next, when you made the rub did you weigh the salt you used. Different types of salt have different sized crystals and cannot accurately measured by volume.. They should be weighed

Adding rub (which contains salt) to an injection also increases the amount of salt in the injection.

The other spices wouldn't effect salt....

Next would be as Marubozo stated, was the meat from Walmart "Enhanced". If so this already contained about a 12% salt solution to help retain moisture and tenderness during cooking.

By injecting and adding rub to an enhanced meat product, you are compounding and increasing the amount of salt used in your cooking process.


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