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Originally Posted by GMDGeek View Post
I've used Hirsch's Meat Market and Rudolph's ( I recently started getting meat from which is more organic and natural. Depends on what you are wanting to spend and what you are after.

If you are wanting good place with good price on meat there is also Restaurant Depot in our area - Plano. I've also gone to Costco and Sams's club.

Hit me up if you have questions. I pretty much mapped out the meat in our area.

Example: Sams for Bone in Pork Butt as Costco does not carry bone in.
+1 for both Rudolph's and Local Yocal. I usually go to Rudolphs, and have had great meat from them. I have only gotten Wagyu at Local Yocal, but it was darn good.
Dallas, TX
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