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Default Old School Smoke House

A few people have asked about my Old School Smoke House so I dug up some pictures of the maiden Smoke.

My Original was over 15 years old and pretty dry and brittle. A ham started dripping on the fire and splashed on the side ending the life of that one. I did see the temp climb and saved the hams and put out the fire but a new Smoke house had to be built.

I used most of the design of the original but made a fire access door and used fire brick the first few feet with a high heat castable mortor floor instead of just tin lined and dirt floor. Adjustable vents are an adder also.
Stainless Steel fire ring and lid instead of a partial drum. The tin is from the original house as it was already seasoned and safe.

The new improved version works Great!

Here is the first cook after a teat burn to season the House.

Loaded with Jerky Strings
Attachment 84349
Closer view of hanging jerky
Attachment 84350
Light the fire
Attachment 84351
Get this thing Smokin
Attachment 84352
Closed up the top but watch the fire
Attachment 84353
Old School Smoke House closed up and Smokin!
Attachment 84354
I have a manual thermometer in the front and and digital remote on the side so I can monitor the temp from my deck

It takes much more work to keep the temps just right using air flow, wood amounts, and wet or dry wood (keep some in a bucket of water) but the smoke flavors are wonderfull and I can smoke a ton of stuff in this baby. Been tempted to use a propane burner and wood chips but really want to keep the Old School ways alive - Maybe a remote fire box for cold smoking Later?

Here is some finished Jerky
Attachment 84355
You can't beat the smoke from real wood!
A bunch of stuff to build a Fire so I can hang out and Smoke, Grill, or cook with!
More stuff for Cutting, Grinding, Stuffing, Canning and so on!
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