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Originally Posted by smokywinslow View Post
Hey Guys/Gals, first time posting on here after being a long time lurker.

I am planning on doing the biggest smoke i have done yet and am looking for some tips from all you pro's. I have no problem at all doing 1 butt, but 4 at one time has me a little concerned. We are holding a free luncheon here at my work and need to make sure the food is ready to go by about 10:00 AM.

First, has anyone ever done this much butt on a single rack UDS? 2nd, will my time be increased greatly by having much more meat than i usually do. Lastly, when would you start the smoke to ensure that it will be done by 10 in the mornin?

Any and all input is greatly appreciated. I think i can handle this with really no problems, but if there are any tips you feel would lend me in the right direction, let a brother know!
Welcome to the Forum fellow rookie.

I was able to get 3 - 9 pounders on a weber 22.5" otg with it just barely any gap in between them. Once they cook for a little bit they start shrinking. Did the Hot and Fast at 325-350 until the color was were I wanted it than butchers paper and foil it. I've has good results from this.

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