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Originally Posted by aawa View Post
I have put 40lbs of pork butt onto a single rack in my uds. The times increases a little bit, but not much if you are able to recover to the temperature you want to cook at quickly.

What are the sizes of the butts and what temperature do you plan on cooking at?
The butts are approx. 8-9 lbs a piece. I bought a case of them so they arent individually marked. But the box contained 4 pack of 2 butts each that weighed a total of about 77lbs.

How much space between butts are we talking about here? Inch, half inch, or more??? I also have a digi thermometer that goes on the grate (et-732). Im worried about that fitting on there with all the meat. any suggestions on that? shoud i just go get a cheap walmart fryer therm and put below the grate instead of using the maverick?
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