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Originally Posted by ChetPunisher View Post
I had to replace the thermometer on my Pro, will I have to change it out of the Kamodo?
IMO some form of digital probe is almost a must on the Akorn.. Most units the supplied thermo is way off.. Also the supplied thermo is slow to react, I think so much of bringing the Akorn is watching how fast the thermo rises and shutting down the vents accordingly.. Their is a re branded Remington Maverick ET 732 Remote thermo for like 45 bucks and that is a bargain.
Originally Posted by ChetPunisher View Post
Wondering if this would be a good upgrade from my CharGriller Smoking Pro?

Would like something to use during the winter months.
As I stated in the other thread that was my primary reason for buying the Akorn.. The thing will chug all day with hardly any difference in fuel over summer.. Winter cooking is another reason to take the suggestion above and get some form of remote digital thermo.. You can sit in the house watching football while the cooker chugs along and you know what is happening out there..

I have the smokin pro as well.. As it being upgrade in some ways.. Its very versatile from pizzas, to grilling, to smoking.. I still love feeding splits in the smokin pro, but I gotta say most days the Akorn gets the nod.. Why? Very little tending, once you have your temps settled in, you sometimes wish something would happen so you have something to do that makes you look like you are actually doing something.
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