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If you want to cook both then go for it. I personally would try to not go lower than 225, but if it is warm out probably between 250 and 275. If its cooler 225 to 250, just see where your smoker seems to want to run then cook it there. Remember a small hot fire. I would also just do bone in pork butts they will be done when you can pull the bone cleanly and not until. With Brisket get a ice pick or some type of probe and when the thick part of the point will probe with out any real resistance then it is done. Most Brisket failures come form under cooking so don't be afraid to go a little longer. I suspect that your brisket will come off first, somewhere around the 7-9 hour range if it is a 12 plus pounder, and the pork buts will take a bit longer if they are in the 10 plus pound range. For both of them they are done when they are done.
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