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Default First Smoke Coming Up This Saturday - Input Appreciated

I plan on trying out my freshly restored/modded Bandera this weekend and have a couple of questions.

To start, taking everything that I have read, I want to get "good" at smoking pork shoulder before I try to get "good" at smoking anything else. I understand it is the most forgiving in terms of still turning out quite good even if I don't quite get it to perfection. That said, I have a brisket in the freezer that I'd like to throw on at the same time if it isn't the worst idea in the world. I will be setting the smoker up to optimize the pork shoulder and will not be "splitting the difference" in temps or altering the pork cook in any way to accommodate the brisket. I like brisket better than pork, but I'm committed to getting the pork shoulder right before trying to really work on being a good brisket smoker.

I was going to start with the recommended temps/times from a general guide I found which puts pulled pork at 225 degrees for 1.5 hours per pound. It recommends 240 degrees for brisket, so at 225 degrees, the brisket will, obviously, take longer (which is fine). I'll monitor the pork first and foremost and pull it when I feel it is ready. The brisket can stay in for as long as it needs. I haven't bought the pork shoulder, yet, so I may get one slightly bigger than the brisket to bring cook times closer together.

I have a few reasons for experimenting this way. First, the brisket was bought on the cheap and if I don't particularly care for the results, I'm okay with that. Second if, somewhere down the line, I will benefit from "experimenting" at 225 degrees, then I'm okay with trying that experiment now. I intend to take detailed notes on the pork shoulder and will just add a column for the brisket. Third, there is the outside shot that I turn out two pretty decent pieces of meat on the same cook. I'll find the mouths to feed if I do.

Is it worth trying a brisket at 225 degrees? Will having it in the chamber with the pork add unnecessary challenges to getting the pork right?

Thanks for everyone's help. I'll be learning to control temps this week in prep for the cook on Saturday. Expect plenty of pics when I'm done....good or bad.
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