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Originally Posted by Jerkeejoe View Post
I built my UDS a couple months ago with a brand new drum. I burned the drum out and hit the remaining exterior paint with a wire brush on an angle grinder to remove fully.

I then washed the drum down and painted with high temp black paint. 3 or 4 coats with time to dry in between coats. I then seasoned the drum a couple days later and have smoked in it a few times.

I went outside to bring it in in anticipation of a rain storm today and noticed paint peeling on the bottom third of the drum. I have no idea what is causing the peeling. Does anyone have any ideas?

Should I go to the trouble to strip it down and repaint the whole thing? I'm thinking about just having the outside sandblasted and powder coated to make it really durable. Thoughts?
Many times this is caused by seasoning the cooker at too high a temperature. High heat paint has to cure before it is at it's strongest and immediately going to 350 degrees or more as I've read that some guys do will cause blistering and peeling. It's really best to season at 225 to 250 and allow the heat resistant properties in the paint to slowly harden and cure. Here's a Q&A on a builder's website, scroll down to the question "How Do I Season My New Smoker Or Grill".
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