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Default Spatchcock on the UDS

Was in the mood for some yardbird so I grabbed a couple hole chickens from the store along with a bag of Royal Oak. First time I used some RO and I really was pleased with the slow burn and the easily achieved 300-325 temps. I also got to use some of the Apricot wood that I just aquired. It was rather Tasty!!!! I injected one with a spicy jerked marinade and the other I just seasoned and threw on. (My Wife likes things nice and simple) Hit both with a California Garlic Salt, rubbed some under the skin and let them sit out while the Drum came up to temp.

I left a wing bone sticking out of the one I didnt inject so they wouldnt get mixed up.

My Basket of lump with a few chunks of apricot wood stashed in there.

About an hour in. Wings got flipped and sat for about 20 more minutes.

Brushed the wings with some "sticky finger" style glaze. I ate all 4 because I'm a Jerk like that! I announced that they were done, nobody came to the kitchen!

Just about ready to come off the grill. Finished up my Cheesey Smashers on the UDS and hipped up some Honey Carrots to serve it with. I didnt get any pictures of the chopped up birds due to the fact that I was rather saucy during the cutting, serving and eating but they were some good lookin and fine tasting birds! Best thighs I have done yet. And the white meat was even juicy. Thanks for the help everyone! And thanks for taking a peek.
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